High-Risk Merchant Accounts

What is a high-risk merchant account?

High risk merchant accounts allow businesses who are considered high-risk, to process payments online. Businesses looking for fast approval in the high-risk space can apply through Worldwide Merchant Services and receive competitive rates on their merchant accounts and payment gateways. Unlike most processors who can be very strict and limited with higher risk verticals, our high-risk program allows for non-traditional and niche industries to be accepted.

Multiple Banks

With multiple sponsoring acquiring banks, we are flexible with more than one option in terms of back-end boarding. Partnering with a wholesale ISO with their own BIN, allows for in-house underwriting and risk and quick approval and onboarding.

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    Why do you need a merchant account?

    A high risk ecommerce merchant account is a type of service commonly referred to as Card-Not-Present merchants.

    Businesses like that sell CBD oils online, e-cigs, firearms, and adult are among a few of the many that would fall in this category.

    Companies like IT or security services deal with customer information and could be considered a reputational risk. Additionally, adult merchant accounts qualify.

    Merchant accounts that fall in this arena often experience increased chargebacks, identity theft, account takeover.  This makes banks run in the other direction.

    This type of business model brings a lot of chargebacks when clients are billed without consent or remembering they even signed up. Resultantly, many chargebacks will lead to your account shutting down entirely.

    This one is a no-brainer. Banks are less willing to lend funds to those with bad credit. That’s when a high-risk processing company comes in handy.

    Our high-powered service offerings

    High-risk Merchant Account Experts
    Proven Bank Relationships
    Medium/High Risk Accounts
    Fast Account Approval
    Large Merchant Case Studies
    E-Commerce and Retail Options
    B2B Vendors Supported
    Multiple Payment Solutions
    Multiple E-Commerce Gateway
    Chargeback Prevention
    Credit Cards
    Secure Frictionless Checkout
    Mobile Payment
    EMV Readers
    Intuitive Compatibility and Support
    Gateway Recurring Billing
    E-Commerce Cart Plugins
    International Merchant Accounts
    Dedicated Account Managers